New Paper!

Congratulations to Qing Yan. His paper in eLife is now available. He reveals the mechanism by which synthesis of DAPG and pyoluteorin are co-regulated. The mechanism is novel - an intermediate product in DAPG biosynthesis is transformed by an enzyme encoded in the pyoluteorin gene cluster. This transformed intermediate can function within and between bacterial cells to regulate expression of genes necessary for the production of pyoluteorin. 

See you Lucas!

We give our best wishes to Lucas (second from the left), a visiting graduate PhD student from Brazil, as he prepares to leave his one year study abroad in our lab. Lucas was a valuable member to the lab and we will miss him!

Crown Gall 2016

Ed Davis, Alex Weisberg, Chih-Feng, and Jeff Chang attended and presented at the 37th Annual Crown Gall Conference in Bloomington, Indiana. This years conference was organized by Clay Fuqua and held on the beautiful campus of Indiana University.

Please welcome Tal Pupko

Tal Pupko is a sabbatical professor in the lab. He is currently infusing our research program with his knowledge in machine learning and phylogenetics. It is great to have him and his expertise here! We hope that he and his family will not dread the dark rainy winters of Oregon.

New Paper!

Jeff Chang was invited to write a preview for a paper that is now published in Cell Host & Microbe (Volume 20; issue 4; 2016). He collaborated with Javier Tabima, a PhD student in the department, to design the figure. It was a fun, creative, and exciting exercise. Take a look at what we produced (another link good until 12/1/16)! For more on how this preview came about, click the following link.

New Paper!

This paper describes a collaborative effort to characterize the plant cytoskeleton and its potential as a target of type III effector proteins. We collaborated with our colleagues at Michigan State University (B. Day and S. Y. He's labs) and Purdue University (C. Staiger's lab).

Congratulations to Ed Davis II!

Ed Davis II was awarded the Larry Moore Award for Graduate Education in Plant Pathology, awarded by BPP. Ed received support to attend the 37th Annual Crown Gall Conference.

Dr. Larry Moore was a faculty member of BPP and a pioneer in the field of Agrobacterium ecology. It is fitting that Ed, who is studying the evolutionary-ecology of Agrobacterium was given this award to attend the Crown Gall conference.
Congratulations Ed and Thank You BPP!