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Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Savory, Skylar Fuller, and Dr. Alex Weisberg

A paper by these three co-first authors was published today in Elife. There are three main take home messages in this paper: 1) A virulence plasmid is sufficient to transition beneficial Rhodococcus to pathogenic Rhodococcus, 2) In a nursery setting, the movement of plasmids and the movement of pathogenic cells explain transmission patterns, and 3) The conclusion that virulence gene-lacking Rhodococcus are the causative agent of a newly described syndrome of pistachio may have been incorrectly diagnosed.

38th Annual Crown Gall Conference

We hosted the 38th Annual Crown Gall conference in Corvallis, OR on Oct 7-8. Tribute to Larry Moore. Keynote by Eugene Nester and Robert Horsch. Loads of great talks. Student speakers were amazing. Two wonderful dinner banquets. Toured three wineries. Simply a great time. We enjoyed having everyone here and we hope they had a great time!

Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Savory

Dr. Savory accepted the position of Plant Health Manager for the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Congrats and best wishes as she transitions to overseeing a team responsible for keeping Oregon's agricultural products healthy.

New Paper!

This paper was published by Kim Halsey's group. It was a fun collaboration in which we learned quite a bit about diatoms. This work was also featured on Science Friday. Congratulations to Eric Moore for his hard work.

Congratulations to Skylar Fuller

Skylar successfully defended her Master's thesis! She was a student in the Accelerated Master's platform. It allowed her to take graduate level courses in her last year as an undergraduate. Some of the credits applied to both her undergraduate degree and to her Master's degree. In this, the following "+1" year, Skylar completed her course work, completed her research, and completed a thesis. Great job!

New Paper!

Skylar's paper was recently published in Phytopathology. She developed primers and probes to detect a diversity of Agrobacterium species.