Interest in the lab:

Postdoctoral Scholars: If you recently received a PhD in biology, computer science, or a related field and are interested in working in our research program, please follow the "contact" page to contact us. Candidates must have evidence for productivity, independence, and excellent communication skills. For more information on postdoctoral scholars, please follow this link. Unfortunately, in 2015, Oregon State University eliminated this type of position. Thus, researchers can only be hired as "Research Associates, postdoctoral". Please be aware that the cost difference between this and the postdoctoral scholar position is substantial so we cannot support as many scientists as we could in the past.

Graduate students: We do not anticipate taking PhD or MS students.

Undergraduate students: Participation in research is critical for students interested in pursing Master's or PhDs. If you are majoring in the Life Sciences, Computer Science, or Mathematics, and would like an opportunity to participate in wet- and/or dry-lab experimental biology, please follow the "contact" page to contact us. Students must be highly motivated and have a willingness to be challenged. Students must also have more than 2+ years left at OSU and be willing to work during the summer. We prefer students with evidence for academic success and provide evidence for quantitative thinking (e.g., >75% on the ALEKS math placement test). Students will be required to volunteer or work for credit for at least the first quarter. Students will also be encouraged to apply for scholarships to support their research.

High school students: We participate in the ASE summer internship program and typically host one high school student each summer. Our philosophy is to provide high school students a challenging but supportive environment to provide opportunities to learn and explore a future career in science. We have had students participate in either wet or dry-lab experimental biology. Students must have a strong GPA and a well written personal statement for consideration.