Host-Microbe Interactions

Welcome to our webpage! Our research program uses molecular, genetic, genomic, cell biology, and computational methods to study the interactions between plants and their symbionts. We focus primarily on plant pathogenic bacteria and the molecular dialog that is exchanged between warring partners. Follow the "research" tab for brief comments on what we study. Links to publications are provided. We are also highly collaborative and our research includes topics such as microbial signaling, mRNA processing, and other types of plant-pathogenic organisms.

PhD defense scheduled

Allison Creason is scheduled to defend her PhD thesis at 9 am (PST),  May 12th, 2015. The public seminar will be presented in LPSC, rm 402. Please join us in person or spirit to support Allie!

New Baby!

Congratulations to Chang-lab alumnus!. Jason and his wife had a baby girl on March 31, 2015. It must be the water. Since 2006, members of the Chang lab have produced seven babies (three girls and four boys). Including the three kids born prior to when their parents joined the lab, the next generation Chang lab alumni will be rather large. Can't wait to get the kids into the lab. It is never too early to get them scientifically literate.

New Grant Funded!

We were awarded a grant from USDA-NIFA-SCRI to help the nursery industry manage diseases caused by broad host range, gall-causing bacterial pathogens. This is a collaborative research project involving six investigators all at Oregon State University. Websites for the collaborators are linked (see side tab). For more information, please follow this link.