Host-Microbe Interactions

Welcome to our webpage! Our research program uses molecular, genetic, genomic, cell biology, and computational methods to study the interactions between plants and their symbionts. We focus primarily on plant pathogenic bacteria and the molecular dialog that is exchanged with its warring partners. Follow the "research" tab for brief comments on what we study. Links to publications are provided. We are also highly collaborative and our research includes topics such as microbial signaling, mRNA processing, and the study of other types of plant-pathogenic organisms.

Two manuscripts submitted

We are pleased to announce the submission of two manuscripts. The two describe on-line tools and databases, as well as downloadable tools for analyzing genetic information to help determine the genetic identity of plant-associated microbes. The two manuscripts are available as preprints from PeerJ. The first was led by Nik Grunwald's group. The second was completed in collaboration with Nik Grunwald's group.

Congratulations to Ed Davis II!

Ed Davis II received an Anita Summers travel award from the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology to attend the 2016 IS-MPMI XVII Congress. Congratulations Ed and Thank you BPP!

New Paper!

Congratulations to Dr. Qing Yan, who is co-advised by Jeff Chang and Dr. Joyce Loper (USDA-ARS), on his recent publication! In this paper, Qing reports on the enrichment of rare codons in pltR, a transcriptional regulator of pyoluteorin biosynthesis genes. He further showed that a substitution mutant (he changed 23 codons) with "optimized" codons and a strain that overexpressed the cognate tRNA for the rare AGA codon, had increased levels of pyoluteorin.

Congratulations to Dr. Savory

Dr. Savory was selected to present her work at the 2016 IS-MPMI XVII Congress in Portland, OR this year. Her work was independently supported through a USDA-NIFA fellowship.


Welcome Delaney Smith

We welcome Delaney to the lab. She is an undergraduate student in the Honors College.


New Publication!

A paper describing the genome sequencing and mutant screen for genes potentially involved in controlling against leaf and pseudobulb necrosis of orchid has been accepted for publication in MPMI. This is another collaborative effort with our colleagues at USDA and scientists in Brazil.

Population expansion in the Chang lab

We are excited to welcome:

Dr. Chih-Feng Wu, a new postdoctoral scholar

Lucas Dantas Lopes, a visiting graduate student from Brazil

Heidi Lederhos, an undergraduate student

Michael Belcher, an undergraduate student